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Reach your potential then climb right past it.

Welcome to troop 156

Troop 156 is the oldest chartered Scout Troop on Ramstein Air Base.

Scout Me in

Scouting won’t just teach you to navigate the woods with confidence, it will give you the confidence to navigate the world!

Exciting News!

In 2023 Our troop became a boy-girl linked troop.

We are now Troop 156 B and Troop 156 G. Each group has its own Scoutmaster, but we do share one (amazing) committee. If you want to know more about how linked troops work you can read about it here: Get your top 10 questions about Scouts BSA answered here.

A bit more about our calendar:

We meet every Tuesday at 7 PM at the Ramstein Scout Hut, Building 1004. Our Court of Honors are quarterly and are yummy potlucks! We have an activity or campout every month. Here are some highlights from our annual calendar:

  • October – Barbarossa District Camporee
  • December – Bastogne, Belgium Hike & Fundraiser – Christmas Tree Sales